As a regular or associate member of MNESTA you will enjoy the benefits of having complimentary training that will allow you to maintain your State license and keep your company reputable in the industry.  This training will also allow you to stay informed as to the latest technologies and practices available in our industry making your organization relevant to what matters to your potential customers.


While each training session differs, typical training will include 4 hours of NEC-CEU hours, and 4 hours of CEU certified classes that typically pertain to the latest technological advances in security.  The NEC classes are taught by a certified instructor while our general CEU classes, of which there are up to 70 offered,  are taught by associate members that are certified and accredited by the State.


This member benefit is crucial in maintaining your license to conduct business in Minnesota.  In order to be a licensed security company in our industry it is the law that those companies maintain their licenses through the continuing education that our association can provide.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity; it is part of the benefit of being a Member of MNESTA!



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Educational Article of the Quarter


Power Over Ethernet and PoE++

by Dick Johnson and Ed Lethert, PLT Services


What does the 2017 NEC have to do with PoE ++?  That is a very good question...and an important one for technology workers.   Read more..

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