One of the main reasons our association exists today is to monitor events that can negatively affect our businesses and our industry as a whole.  Our association is committed to working with cities and government agencies in an effort to make our industry stronger and well respected, while allowing cities and government agencies to be as efficient as possible while serving the public and their constituents.


If you are a government or city agency that is interested in learning more about successfully implementing an alarm ordinance in your jurisdiction, please download the model ordinance and reach out to any member of our Board of Directors or the Chair of the Alarm Response Management committee.  Our door is open and we are interested in working with you to make our communities better, more efficient, and safer for our residents and business owners.

Download Model Ordinance

Alarm ordinance history:

  • Alarm Management Training Seminar - May 10, 2010

    This seminar will include an overview of successful and sustained alarm reduction initiatives and programs, the Model Ordinance (endorsed by IACP, MN Chiefs and MNESTA) and suggestions on using MN Chiefs Alarm Committee as a resource in designing and/or revising your alarm ordinance and alarm reduction program. POST Certified—2 hours...Read More

  • Model Alarm Ordinance - Revised November 5, 2008

    The purpose of this ordinance is to establish reasonable expectations of alarm users and to ensure that alarm users are held responsible for their use of alarm systems...Read More

  • Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association Adopts Two Key Alarm Reduction Provisions - August 25, 2008

    The Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association(MCPA) Board of Directors unanimously approved resolutions adopting Enhanced Call Verification and a Model Alarm Ordinance for use by Minnesota’s Chiefs of Police. MCPA is one of the first State Association of Chiefs of Police in the nation to adopt such resolutions to help manage alarms and reduce requests for dispatches...Read More

  • Request for Support on Alarm Response Measure - August 8, 2008

    With the additional workload created by the events since 9/11 and in support of Homeland Security and Community Oriented Policing law enforcement resources continue to be in high demand. Alarm systems provide a significant benefit to consumers and law enforcement in deterring and detecting criminal activity. With the increased workload that law enforcement experiences, the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association’s (MCPA) Alarm Management Committee developed a Model Alarm Ordinance based on the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association’s (NBFAA) Ordinance, as posted on the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) website...Read More

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