• January 2016 - Legislative and Government Relations Report

    The New Year brings new challenges to our industry and, in my opinion, the greatest of these is communications reform and the Internet.  Virtually all of us are or will be moving to communication channels other than Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS).


    Twenty-five years ago the alarm industry faced a threat posed by AT&T and the "Baby Bells" who wanted to offer alarm systems and monitoring services to the public.  The industry was successful in defeating that effort.


    Today we face a larger and perhaps more sinister Communications industry that is already competing for our business.  Xfinity (Comcast), AT&T, Time-Warner and Cox Communications are the most prevalent.  Verizon, as yet, has not gotten into the business but is a major provider of communication services. Read Full Document (pdf)


  • May 2013 - MNESTA Legislative Report

    MNESTA's Government Relations Representative, David Fisch and incoming president Wendy Youngren attended the ESA sponsored Day on the Hill Event visiting with the Minnesota members of congress.


    Job one this 2013 congressional session is the passage of our background check bill, HR-1441, The Electronic Life Safety and Security System Federal Background Check Act. HR-1441 directs the Attorney General to permit our industry access to the FBI database and to provide employers with relevant criminal history information on a voluntary basis.


    Many other industries access this background check the alarm industry is long overdue in acquiring the same access. Read Full Document (pdf)

  • May 2012 - MNESTA Legislative Report

    MNESTA's Legislative Committee has worked hard this legislative session to represent the interests of our members before the Legislature.


    Sixteen bills were introduced that either directly or indirectly affected MNESTA members. Since January, the Committee has monitored, appeared when necessary, and worked closely with other stake holders on all these bills. Regular reports were provided by the Committee over these several months.


    During this period, eleven of the bills died for lack of a companion bill, failure to meet committee deadlines, failure to achieve a positive vote in committee to move the bill forward or strong opposition within the Legislature and/or outside opposition.


    The six remaining bills, all important to MNESTA are outlined below. Read Full Document (pdf)

  • January 2012 - Changes to Contractor Licenses and License Renewals

    Effective Jan. 1, 2012, individuals and businesses will be able to submit license renewals on-line. Holders of boiler, high pressure piping, plumbing and water conditioning licenses

    have already been able to renew their licenses on-line. This capability will be expanded to building official, electrical mechanical bond, registered employer and residential

    contractor licenses. A new feature will allow individuals and businesses to attach required documents when submitting their renewal. A license becomes available for on-line renewal

    120 days before the license expiration date. Read Full Document (pdf)

  • October 2012 - Minnesota Electrical Continuing Education Changes

    As you may be aware, the 2011 Minnesota Legislature established a uniform continuing education (CE) program for licenses administered by the Department of Labor and Industry's Construction Codes and Licensing Division (CCLD).


    The uniform CE program is based on the existing residential contractor CE program administered by CCLD, with additional features taken from the existing electrical CE program. In all, four independent CE activities administered by CCLD were consolidated into a single coordinated program. Electrical continuing education, building official continuing education, and manufactured home installer continuing education were brought together with residential contractor continuing education. Read Full Document (pdf)

  • October 2011 - Board of Electricity Meeting

    Dave and I attended the Board of Electricity meeting Tuesday, October 11.  Other than the usual discussions, there was a presentation on the new capabilities that can be accessed on the DLI web site.  Listed below are the items that were discussed... Read Full Document (word)

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