Having spent the past 36 years representing our association in the political arena, and with 25 years at the federal level, I wish to offer some thoughts.

  1. Next Tuesday…VOTE – This is the greatest privilege and responsibility given to you in the Constitution of this great nation.
  2. Consider your vote – It is not for me to tell anyone how they should cast their ballot. But as you consider, in this most difficult of choices, what will be the outcome, review the platforms of the two major parties, and if you wish, the minor parties as well. Here is where you can find them:
    1. Democratic Party
    2. Republican Party
    3. Libertarian Party
    4. Green Party
  3. Consider, after review, what the next four years will bring. Our industry and your business will need to be aware of and deal with the issues created by our need to use both the Internet and cellular networks as the pathway to signal a call for help from our subscribers.

Up to now, we have worked with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This is a government agency that controls, through their rule making processes, how the Internet and cellular networks will operate. FCC directors exist at the pleasure of the president and are political appointees. As such, political philosophy invariably enters into the decision making process.

In the coming two years, we will be working through the legislative portion of this work in congress to reform the telecommunications act. The make up of the congress (all members of the House and 1/3 of the Senate are running) will be an important factor in our ability to be successful. In the end, the next president will have to sign or veto the final result of our work.

Finally, there is always the possibility that some or all of the completed reformed telecommunications law will be challenged in the federal courts. The point here is that all federal judges (District, Appellate and Supreme Court) are appointed by the president, so too, are all federal district attorneys. The incoming president will fill all these positions at some time in the next four years. This makes this election very critical. So educate yourself in the next few days and vote.

As always, let me know if you have questions.

David Fisch,

Legislative Chair

Government Relations Representative

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