Board of Electricity Report

Last month, Russ Ernst and I attended the fall quarterly Board of Electricity (BOE) meeting. There were four major subjects covered at the meeting. Here is a quick summary:

  • Reciprocity with Wisconsin was denied by the BOE based primarily on the electricians’ position that Wisconsin’s CEU program is not geared enough toward the NEC.  The Commissioner, on the other hand, feels that Wisconsin has a legitimate CEU program and Minnesota should finalize an agreement.  So it goes… more later.  Be aware none of this has anything to do with the Power Limited industry or our business.
  • A housekeeping legislative effort to update the State Building Code would change the implementation of a rule from 180 days, after the BOE approves a rule, to 270 days or later.   The Commissioner of the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) can implement a rule earlier if there is a reason to do so.  This is sort of ho-hum to me, but I can see where some groups may oppose.  I do not see much of a problem for us.
  • Fees for licenses are down. The surcharge has sunset.
  • Contractor license renewal will be totally automated and done online.  No more paper forms are required.  Up until now, we had to have our Bond notarized.  This could not be done online.  DLI has worked with the bonding companies to provide us with a continuous, or perpetual bond.  Each two-year cycle, you will access your DLI account and the bond will be on the screen.  All the data is in place, which cannot be changed. You will renew the bond online and pay the fee online at that time.  Further, DLI is working with the insurance industry.  All of this will be in place sometime in 2017.

That is it until January 2016 for the BOE.  Let me know if you have questions.

David Fisch

MNESTA-Government Relations Representative

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