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Security dealers across Minnesota benefit from their MNESTA membership, enjoying improved growth and increased profits.

Don't stand back and wait for others to step in. Join today! The larger our membership is, the greater the impact we can have representing our industry with local and national government.

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The MNESTA Difference

As a professional organization, MNESTA members have seen direct results and reaped the rewards from their membership. A few recent highlights:

  • Restored more than $1.5 million in funds for enforcement of permit and licensing violations, keeping fraudulent "security companies" from stealing our business and tarnishing our industry's credibility
  • Improved partnerships with local law enforcement agencies and working together to reduce false alarms
  • Lobbied for reasonable CEU requirements and licensing options
  • Provided free CEU training and license renewals to members, saving them $115,000 last year alone


The Minnesota Electronic Security and Technology Association, MNESTA, is an industry association representing companies who install, service, and monitor electronic security systems for the commercial and residential customers.  As an association we closely monitor all legislative activity at a local and national level that may affect our customers and our industry. We closely monitor issues surrounding licensing and licensing enforcement through the Minnesota Board of Electricity for installers and service personnel operating in the State of Minnesota.

  • MNESTA closely monitors ordinances and regulations that apply to law enforcement response to alarm signals. Our association has a specific committee to work with local municipalities and companies to assure future alarm response and false alarm reduction while helping customers better understand how to operate their security systems.
  • MNESTA also offers a complete and comprehensive training program FREE to all of our members which allow them to stay current with changes and trends in our industry. This training enables members to maintain their State license while educating them on current technology to offer consumers while keeping pace with current installation and service practices.
  • MNESTA has regular meetings and events that provide an opportunity for companies and individuals to come together in a non-competitive atmosphere to share ideas and better our industry


For more information on becoming a member or if you are a consumer looking to better understand the products and services our member companies provide, please contact us.


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MNESTA Holiday Networking Party